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Who Are Illinois Farmers?

We know you care about how your food is raised. We do, too, because we feed our families the same food we grow for you and your family.

You probably have questions about Illinois farm families – about why, when and how we use chemicals, antibiotics and hormones, and how we care for our animals and the environment. We’d like to have a conversation to answer your questions and give you the facts about your food from the people who grow it.

Visit with Illinois farmers on and get the answers to your questions! 

Learn more about Illinois farm life from Ag in the Classroom.

  • Meet Illinois Family Farmers
    Donne Jeschke from Mazon, wears many hats: farm wife, mother, and leader in her church. She and her husband grow corn and soybeans in Grundy County, Illinois. Donna’s family farmed in Germany prior to their immigration to the US and trek to Illinois where they finally settled in the 1840s. She has been farming since 1975, after her graduation from the University of Illinois, but definitely grew up with a love … Read More »
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