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Locks and Dams

Illinois Corn has been working to upgrade our lock and dam system for years. Not only is a vibrant water transportation system vital for Illinois farmers, but it is key to reducing the carbon footprint of our product and that of so many other goods currently transported into and out of Illinois.

  • 6-28-16 Waterway Transportation Update
    Field Services Director Jim Tarmann provides a brief update on waterway transportation projects that have impacts for agriculture.
  • Why Locks and Dams Matter
    Improving the Illinois, Mississippi, and Ohio River system has been an Illinois Corn Growers Association priority for almost 20 years. Waterways infrastructure gives Illinois farmers and other Illinois industry a competitive advantage over other states for transportation of grain and other agricultural products. However, in the last 50 years, these locks and dams have become dilapidated and outdated. The crumbling lock and dam system costs Illinois corn farmers every day … Read More »
  • Lock and Dam Priorities
    SENATE WRDA BILL ACHIEVES MAJOR ICGA PRIORITIES: · The Senate’s WRDA bill contains a number of critically important provisions related to the modernization of inland waterways lock and dam infrastructure. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of the locks and dams on the nation’s inland waterways system have exceeded their economic design life expectancy. · Of specific interest to inland waterways stakeholders, the final WRDA bill was amended by the managers to include … Read More »
  • What's All This I Hear About Asian Carp?
    Asian Carp are an invasive species that have entered into the Illinois River and the Upper Mississippi River through the Great Lakes region. The numbers of Asian Carp have overwhelmed waterways that are necessary for barge transportation. The amount of the species could continue to compound and infest the waterways that it can negatively affect the transportation and profitability of grain and other products to different global markets. Multi-state organizations have … Read More »
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