Megan Dwyer

Director of Conservation and Nutrient Stewardship

Megan Dwyer serves as the Director of Conservation and Nutrient Stewardship for IL Corn and is a fourth-generation farmer and certified crop advisor. She spearheads IL Corn’s conservation and nutrient stewardship initiatives focusing on meeting the goals of the IL Nutrient Loss Reduction Strategy. By working closely with other agriculture organizations, conservation groups, agency partners and policymakers, she develops and implements programs and policy initiatives designed to help Illinois corn farmers meet their nutrient loss goals and engage in the sustainability conversation.


In her work at IL Corn, Megan, has helped bring the Post Application Coverage Endorsement (PACE) to market through the 508(h) process, developed conservation focused lease addendums, and elevated IL Corn and the farmer’s voice in various policy, agency, and media engagements. She serves on the steering committee for the AGree Coalition working with a robust and diverse group of stakeholders to assist in developing innovative and scalable food and ag policies and pilot programs. Megan is a 2011 graduate of Iowa State University where she received her bachelor's degree in Agriculture Studies with a minor in Agronomy. In 2023, she received the IL Farm Bureau’s Excellence in Ag Award. She resides on the family farm in Northwest Illinois with her husband, Todd, and their four children.