Travis Deppe

Director of Precision Conservation Management

Travis is the Director of the Precision Conservation Management (PCM) program.  He oversees all the PCM specialists to ensure appropriate delivery of information to farmers, and works with many partners and grant funders to increase adoption of conservation practices on Illinois farms.  

Travis has both retail and research experience in implementing nutrient management and cover crop practices. He joined the IL Corn team first as the Nutrient Loss Reduction Manager and before that was a Sales Agronomist for Growmark where he served as the nutrient management project lead and built strong relationships with his farmer customers. As a Research Technician at Purdue University, he conducted and supported numerous research projects that ranged in scope from plot to watershed scale and focused on soil health and mitigating nitrogen losses via cover crop assimilation in varying crop production scenarios. He has a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Science from Western Illinois University and a master’s degree in Crop and Soil Science from Illinois State University.

Travis and his wife, Alexa, live in Heyworth, Illinois with their son, Will.