Dec 01, 2009  |  Today's News |  ICGA |  Legislation & Regulation

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.—Today the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced its intent to postpone a statutorily mandated decision that would allow blending up to 15 percent ethanol in our nation’s gasoline supply.

Regarding EPA’s postponement, Illinois Corn Growers Association President Rob Elliott made the following statement:

“Today’s announcement from US EPA is not surprising as we anticipated that further research would be needed to fully support a move to a 15 percent blend of ethanol.  However, I am very disappointed that EPA, based on the science currently available that clearly supports such a move, did not announce approval to allow blends of 12 or 13 percent ethanol.

The 10 percent ethanol blend limitation is like a tax on the American public with every dollar that is sent overseas to import oil each and every day.  The allowance for as little as a 12 or 13 percent ethanol blend is an immediate, no-cost stimulus package to our nation’s economy.  While enhancing our nation’s energy security, increasing the ethanol blend is good news for agriculture, rural communities, consumers and the environment.”

Our disappointment aside, we are pleased to read EPA’s acknowledgement that a full review of science is an important part of their decision making processes.  This affirmation of the role science plays in governmental rule-making bodes well for the eventual move to include more ethanol in our fuel, as well as other rule-making processes that Administrator Lisa Jackson and her agency continue to investigate.”