Sep 15, 2010  |  Today's News |  Ethanol |  Public Outreach

Corn farmers in Illinois are busy bringing in their share of what’s expected to be another record harvest. The final market destination for that corn is important to profitability, of course, as with increased crop size comes a need for growing markets. Growing the ethanol market is one opportunity, along with the domestic feed market and exports. The Renewable Fuels Association has launched a television ad campaign in Washington, DC, that illustrates ethanol as a choice for homegrown, renewable, clean energy. The ads started airing today, just as Congress returns to the Hill.

Washington – As Congress returns to work for the final weeks before the fall elections, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) will greet them with a television ad on MSNBC’s Morning Joe news program. “Right Here, Right Now” is an updated ad that highlights the innovative, job-creating engine that is the American ethanol industry. This ad reminds viewers that the answer to a cleaner environment and reducing our dependence on foreign oil is available "Right Here, Right Now".

The thirty-second ad will air on Morning Joe between September 15th and October 12th in the Washington, DC media market. Nine spots per week. Morning Joe is a show viewed heavily by policymakers and influentials on Capitol Hill, in the White House, and all points in between. Morning Joe airs from 5 am – 9 am Eastern.

The ad educates viewers that ethanol is an American-made product produced from coast-to-coast. Rancho Cucamonga, California to Peoria, Illinois to Shelby, New York. There are over 200 ethanol plants nationwide creating over 12 billion gallons of clean, renewable energy fueling nearly 400,000 jobs across the economy.

“After a historic oil spill off our shores and in the midst of both an economic slowdown and two wars, ethanol has never been more important. Ethanol is creating and sustaining good-paying jobs in rural communities where job-creation is especially difficult. Ethanol is providing consumers with a clean, green, American-made alternative to petroleum, often from hostile countries like Iraq and Venezuela. Right here, right now is the time for the ethanol industry to tell its story,” explained Bob Dinneen, RFA President and CEO.

You can view the video at or here.