Nov 19, 2010  |  Today's News |  Ethanol |  Legislation & Regulation

EPA has announced their intent to delay their decision on E 15 for model year vehicles 2001 to 2006.  The Agency is expected to issue a formal announcement stating that the decision will be postponed for at least a month.  Insiders indicate that the delay is due to a fault in one of the car models being tested and is not due to a problem with the fuel.


Apparently, the testing will now likely be completed by the end of the year, which means a decision by EPA will be sometime in the early part of next year.  As you are aware, last month EPA approved the use of up to E15 in 2007 and later vehicles, and said it expected to rule on the second set of vehicles -- 2001-2006 model years -- by the end of the year. The testing for those vehicles, being conducted by DOE, was slated to have been completed by the end of this month, but apparently that timeframe has slipped. 


Illinois Corn Growers Association President Tim Lenz stated, “Is certainly good to hear that EPA is following through on Department of Energy testing processes.  Another delay in increasing ethanol blends slows progress on improving our economy, energy security and environment, but it is gratifying to have EPA indicate that the preliminary results are positive for these older model year cars.”