Nov 23, 2010  |  ICGA

Bloomington, IL – The Illinois Corn Growers Association’s 2010 Media Award was given to Mark Lambert, Senior Communications Manager for the National Corn Growers Association today at the ICGA Annual Meeting at the DoubleTree Hotel.


“Today’s award is given to a good friend in recognition of some outstanding PR work,” said ICGA President Tim Lenz.  “Mark’s management of the Corn Farmers Coalition and their incredible educational campaign in Washington, DC is one body of work that we couldn’t let escape unnoticed.”


Last year, the Corn Farmers Coalition’s efforts to educate Washington policy-makers on farmer’s advances and innovation received special recognition from the National Agri-Marketing Association taking its top award in the Public Affairs/Issues Management Program category.  A series of radio commercials for the Corn Farmers Coaltion was most recently honored by the National Association of Farm Broadcasting with the Herb Plambeck Award for Creative Excellence.


With NCGA, Lambert is responsible for media and public relations and a broad spectrum of video, social media, advertising and marketing support projects, as well as Director of the Corn Farmers Coalition.  Prior to his move to NCGA, he served as Communications Director for the Illinois Corn Growers Association and Illinois Corn Marketing Board for 20 years.  In total, he has spent more than 30 years in communications and journalism, telling the story of agriculture and helping family farmers find a public and personal voice.


Lambert has written numerous articles for news agencies, trade publications, magazines, and online outlets regarding corn’s contributions to the general economy, rural America, national security and the environment.  Those efforts have been recognized by the National Conservation Society of America, The National Agricultural Marketing Association and the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.


Mark and his wife, Nancy currently reside in Bloomington, IL.