Dec 23, 2010  |  Today's News |  Additional Research

The songs on the radio and the behavior of the children are a sure indicator that Christmas is almost here!  While you’re relaxing for the holiday with your friends and family, take an opportunity to talk about Illinois agriculture and celebrate the accomplishments of the farmers feeding you and the hungry people all over the world.


Need something to talk about?  Try on these fun corn facts for size:

  • Corn farmers have reduced the amount of land used to grow one bushel of corn by 37% from 1987-2007.
  • Corn farmers have reduced the soil lost from growing one bushel of corn by 69% since 2007.
  • The USDA reports that raw food inputs such as corn make up only 19% of each food dollar.
  • The Congressional Budget Office reported in April 2009 that higher ethanol demand caused only 10% - 15% of the overall 5.1% increase in food prices between 2007 and 2008.  Something else (like energy costs) caused 85% - 95% of the increase.
  • From the 2009 corn crop, the estimated carry out is 1.7 billion bushels – an amount that is above the 10 year average.  These numbers are not yet available for 2010.
  • Corn farmers are growing more corn on the same acreage … the record yield in 2009 was 165.2 bushels per acre, up 21% since 2000.
  • Family farms comprise more than 95% of all farms