Dec 09, 2010  |  Today's News

We’re experiencing our first sustained frigid temperatures of the season here in Illinois this week. Illinois Corn would like to take this time to remind you to slow down and remember to reinforce cold weather preparedness and safety in your homes and on your farms.


Given the unique nature of farming and the safety issues therein, a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t really appropriate. Keep in mind, however, that accidents related to ice and loose clothing often befall farmers in the winter months. Unfortunately, that was the case recently for an Odell, Ill, farmer who suffered fatal injuries in a farm accident related to icy conditions.


There are several things you can do to prevent injuries caused by cold weather.


• Wear warm, loose-fitting, layered clothing, preferably wool. Also, wear water-repellent outer garments.

• Wear mittens instead of gloves. Mittens allow your fingers to remain in contact with each other, enabling your hands to stay warmer.

• Cover head and ears. The head, neck, and ears lose heat faster than any other part of the body.

• Stay dry.

• Do not drink alcoholic beverages. Alcohol actually causes the body to lose heat more rapidly.

• Watch for frostbite and other signs of hypothermia.