Feb 04, 2011  |  Today's News

It’s quite incredible, really, to see the number of issues in the world that eventually get blamed on U.S. ethanol production. It’s like playing that game, “6 degrees to Kevin Bacon.” I had enough of it, today, so here’s my response to an editorial posted on Forbes online (this article has since been removed).

Mr. Wolan,

As a writer for “The Green Machine,” I suppose you have to dig deep sometimes to find material. This editorial, however, is completely irresponsible.

Does anyone actually believe that U.S. ethanol production is to blame for the political demonstrations in Egypt? Are my fellow Americans that dumb?

Really, we’re going to blame ethanol for this, too?

I, for one, applaud the Egyptian people for having the courage to stand up for their political convictions. Why does that need to be blamed on anything? Shouldn’t it be credited to a population’s determination to create a better life for themselves and their children?

Beyond your obvious pandering to the “green elites,” your editorial makes some inaccurate conclusions from data.

Your assertion that U.S. farmers will, “continue to trade its amber waves of grain for green rows of corn,” is misleading. First of all, farmers respond to market signals quite well. If the wheat market improves, more acres will be devoted to wheat planting. That’s basic supply and demand.

And as for your comment in the “call out,” well, try again. Here we go again, with a quote: “…it’s clear that America’s farmlands are producing more fuel and less food each year.” You are wrong. There are no fewer acres being dedicate to “food,” than before. The increase in corn yields since 2001 have more than accommodated for the increased demand for ethanol.

You would have discovered that for yourself if you were interested in truly illuminating this subject, rather than just grabbing on to whatever topic is trending on twitter and adding an, “It’s ethanol’s fault,” tag to it. Or wait, that should be #BlameEthanol.

Tsk, tsk. That’s pretty darn lazy.

And one more shout out to the Egyptians! I say more power to you! And don’t let all that oil that we demand be shipped through the Suez Canal get in your way!



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