Mar 29, 2011  |  Today's News

Illinois corn farmers are concerned about a lot of things that impact their farms, things like whether or not the locks and dams on the Mississippi River will last one more year to get their crops exported and whether or not the weather will hold for spring planting.  But when they talk non-farmers, the people in urban areas and the people even in their own home towns, whether or not conventionally produced food is healthy for them is a hot topic.

Honestly, it’s a topic corn farmers have given little thought to over the years.  Of course the food they are growing is healthy – they are feeding it to their families and have been for generations.  And besides that, corn farmers are responsible people that grow food for the world because they love to do it.  They chose this lifestyle and they believe in it so why would they jeopardize the food they are producing?

Unfortunately, we needed to think about it more.  Mainstream media and marketing campaigns have turned a non-issue into massive fear.  Consumers will now pay a bundle for organic crops assuming that they are healthier and safer for their families when there isn’t really science to back up that claim. 

Check out this article by Brian Dunning. 

The Illinois Corn Growers Association knows that there is a place for organic food production and they are excited that their members have the opportunity to participate in this value-added market.  As well, consumers deserve the opportunity to choose what produce they prefer and ICGA is glad that America offers that.

ICGA also supports feeding the world.  Regulations that push organic methods as the best choice for agricultural production are basically insuring that millions will go hungry.