Apr 28, 2011  |  Today's News

The Illinois Corn Growers Association is excited to bring a new membership benefit to you!

As an ICGA member, you now have access to the NASCAR web portal, an opportunity typically reserved for employees of official partners and licensees to the racing giant.

NASCARNASCAR has never granted a benefit like this before. It goes right along with the unprecedented branding of the American Ethanol fuel port on every car and truck in NASCAR.

Every NASCAR race winner will be running on corn based ethanol, and E-15 blend, made right here in America. And now you can be part of that experience by accessing all things NASCAR from the comfort your home or farm office.

Put simply, it was time to reach out to a bigger audience and NASCAR allows us to do so from coast to coast. NASCAR’s marketing strength and fan loyalty is undeniable so their endorsement of ethanol is invaluable. 6-8 million NASCAR fans watch each race on television.

These fans won’t just see E15 perform on the track. They will also see it in high profile NASCAR television commercials that showcase the benefits of American Ethanol from job creation, to performance, to supporting family farmers.  Overall, this effort will validate higher ethanol blends with 80 million fans.

These fans are all ages, all incomes, and represent a cross-section of our entire society and national geography. The NASCAR audience is larger than the super Bowl, the NBA finals, and the World Series combined. Of the 20 highest attended sports events in the US, 17 are NASCAR.

To access your benefits, go online to and follow the instructions to register with NASCAR. It is important to note that in the “Company” section of the registration form, you should enter “NCGA” as your company. Your ICGA membership is affiliated with National Corn Growers Association (NCGA).

We hope that you’ll enjoy this added benefit to your ICGA membership.