May 11, 2011  |  Today's News

That’s right! Ethanol plants aren’t just providing jobs and making a homegrown, renewable source of clean energy anymore. Today’s advanced ethanol technologies mean that the value of each and every corn kernel is stretched even farther. In this case, the corn stretches all the way to the bellies of livestock where it’s transformed into delicious and nutritious meat protein!

The U.S. ethanol industry has now become one of the largest livestock feed producers in the country. If you measured all the livestock feed produced by U.S. ethanol plants in the 2009-10 marketing year, it would add up to being the world’s fourth largest corn crop.

That’s enough corn-based livestock feed to:

  • make seven, quarter-pound hamburgers for every person on the planet, OR
  • make a chicken breast for every American to eat every day for a year!

The technical term for this livestock feed is distillers grains. No matter what you call it, we think it means good news for feeding and fueling the world.