Jun 15, 2011  |  Today's News

For the third year, the Corn Farmers Coalition is bringing the facts about America’s corn farmers to Washington, DC. This year’s targeted campaign features 5 new farm families to complement the families featured last year. The strategy of “station domination” paid off and is repeated this year in the Union Station and Capitol South Metro stops.

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board kicked off what became the Corn Farmers Coalition (CFC) several years ago. In its first appearance in Washington, DC, back in 2009, the facts about corn farmers were presented in print and radio ads focusing on statistical numbers.


After additional research and message testing, it was determined that a change in course was warranted. The target audience wanted to see the actual farmers behind the message. So in 2010, farmers and their families took center stage in DC, in Metro stations, the Reagan National Airport, Politico news paper, Congressional Quarterly, and the Washington Nationals baseball stadium.

In 2011, the messages are very similar, but 5 new families are being featured to put the face on the messages. The campaign runs from June 1 through July 31, again focusing on what’s called “station domination” in the advertising industry. In layman’s terms, that means every advertisement in a Metro station is an ad from the CFC portfolio.

More than 40 million unique impressions are expected within Washington, DC, alone.

To find out more about this checkoff funded program, visit the Corn Farmers Coalition website.