Jun 06, 2011  |  Today's News

If you missed the inaugural STP 300 Nationwide Series race this weekend, you missed a good one!  But don’t worry, you can check out the coverage by Chuck Zimmerman on the Corn Corps blog.


The inaugural STP 300 Nationwide Series race is in the books. The winner is Justin Aligaier, Brandt Racing, in the #31 car. He actually ran out of fuel right after crossing the finish line. Now that's calling it close!

The Family Farmer/Marquis Energy car driven by Kenny Wallace finished 7th. And since all these cars are running on a fifteen percent blend of ethanol I think farmers win and ethanol producers win. Actually the American public wins with this clean burning fuel. Hopefully the efforts being taken by organizations like American Ethanol, National Corn Growers Association and my sponsor for this event coverage, the Illinois Corn Marketing Board, are paying off with better understanding by the public of the benefits and value of home grown fuel.

Justin gave a great shout out to a question I posed during the press conference following the race. I think you'll enjoy it. Justin Comments On Ethanol & Farmers (mp3)

I have updated my photos from the activities here in Chicago and will have some more stories to share.

STP 300 Nationwide Series NASCAR Weekend Photos