Aug 10, 2011  |  Today's News

Blender pumps are fuel pumps that make available several blends of ethanol so that consumers filling up flex-fuel vehicles can make the choice best suited to their needs. An increasing number of gas stations in Illinois are adding the pumps allowing more consumers to enjoy the many benefits of ethanol.

Price fluctuations in the crude oil market that then impact prices at the pump are among those things that are the hardest to predict. But owners of flex-fuel vehicles, or FFV’s, are able to limit the impacts on the pocketbooks by choosing higher ethanol blends. As the price of oil goes higher, ethanol becomes more attractive as a higher-blended fuel element.

With funding help from the IL Corn Marketing Board, fuel retailers are adding more of the so-called “blender pumps.”

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board has established the goal of 300 E-85/Blender Pumps installed in Illinois by 2014. To do that, the cooperation of the ethanol industry and Illinois Petroleum Marketers in vital.