Sep 16, 2011  |  Today's News

As the name implies, common rust is a widespread issue for corn growers, particularly in the Midwestern and Northern regions of the North American Corn Belt. 

In the latest two Focus on Corn webcasts from the Plant Management Network, a nonprofit publisher of crop science information made applicable to the field, Professor Emeritus Snook Pataky at the University of Illinois helps viewers understand and treat this economically significant disease of corn.

The first presentation describes methods to differentiate common and southern rust in the field. This presentation is ideal for those who live in regions where both common and southern rust outbreaks can occur at the same time.

The second presentation focuses specifically on common rust. In this presentation, the basic life cycle and epidemiology of common rust are

described. Factors that cause the disease to spread become problematic and effective methods of control also are discussed.

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Other presentations, including a past presentation on southern rust of corn, are available on the Focus on Corn website at

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