Sep 14, 2011  |  Today's News

It was a surprising question from a farmer at the Farm Progress Show just a couple weeks ago…”Can a guy buy a flex-fuel pickup yet?” Yes. That just goes to remind us that we can never assume that everyone know the answers to these questions. With that in mind, here’s a nice roundup of information on E-85 in Illinois.

First up, a great article highlighting that E-85 is not available in Peoria, one of downstate’s largest metro areas. Author Steve Tartar writes:

“Peoria may not be an ethanol desert much longer. While E10, the 10 percent blend of ethanol and unleaded gasoline that's sold at most area service stations is freely available, you won't find E85 anywhere in town.

In a listing produced by the American Lung Association of the 142 stations in Illinois that sell E85, none are in Peoria. There are stations that provide E85 in surrounding communities such as Dunlap, Bartonville and Pekin.” Find the full article here:

Advocates of E85 target Peoria - Peoria, IL -

There are now more than 200 E-85 fueling locations in Illinois, and a growing number of locations with so-called “blender pumps.” At those pumps, motorists choose from several higher ethanol blends. Many cite E-30 as the sweet spot between mileage and price advantage.

E-85 prices vary widely around the state, seemingly with no rhyme or reason. There is a tax-credit extended to the gas station to encourage the availability. Some stations pass along the value of the credit to consumers, others keep all or part of the credit.

Ethanol is still cheaper per gallon the gasoline at the wholesale level. This is an incentive for fuel marketers to continue to blend ethanol. It’s been known that when the price gaps are largest, regular fuel might jump up to even 11 or 12 percent ethanol.

For more information about ethanol, check the website.