Sep 22, 2011  |  Today's News

There are only ten days left to enter for a chance to win “Free Groceries for a Year!” at www.FarmersFeedUS.org. Illinois consumers have already registered more than 100,000 times since the sweepstakes – sponsored by Illinois Farm Families – launched on July 5, 2011.

Every day through Oct. 2, 2011, Illinois residents can continue to register for two grand prizes of “Free Groceries for a Year!”* Two additional sweepstakes prizes also are being offered. The first prize, sponsored by the Illinois Specialty Growers Association, is an Illinois Fall Get-Away package that includes a basket of specialty Illinois products and a two-night stay at a bed and breakfast. The second prize is a Family Harvest Day package to visit an Illinois family farm for a ride in the combine and lunch.

Upon visiting www.FarmersFeedUS.org, consumers can register to win by “meeting one of five Illinois family farmers” through a short video showing how each produces safe, healthy food. Visitors can register up to five times every day by meeting each of the farmers. 

The Farmers Feed US website features beef cattle, corn, dairy, hog, and soybean farmers from across the state, sharing information about their farms and their families. In addition to guiding visitors through the sweepstakes registration, each farmer also offers a brief online farm tour.

Featured Illinois Farm Families include:

  • Deb and Ron Moore, soybean farmers from Roseville
  • Brent and Kathy Scholl, hog farmers from Polo
  • Dale and Linda Drendel, dairy farmers from Hampshire
  • Mike and Lynn Martz, beef cattle farmers from Maple Park
  • Steve and Elizabeth Ruh, corn farmers from Sugar Grove

“The first two months of the sweepstakes have been outstanding, because Illinois consumers have taken such an interest in seeing the commitment of Illinois farmers to raising safe, nutritious, affordable food for our families and theirs,” said Deb Moore, one of the farmers featured on www.FarmersFeedUS.org. “Additionally, we’ve taken the opportunity through social media and in-person events to answer consumers’ questions about food and farming here in Illinois.” 

Through the remainder of the 90-day sweepstakes, consumers also have a chance to see and hear from  these and other Illinois Farm Families on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ilfarmfamilies) and Twitter (www.twitter.com/ilfarmfamilies).

About Illinois Farm Families


Illinois Farm Families are Illinois farmers who support Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Pork Producers Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Illinois Soybean Association, and Illinois Beef Association. We are committed to having conversations with consumers, answering their questions about food, farmers, and farming, and sharing what really happens on today’s Illinois family farms. More than 94 percent of Illinois farms are family owned and operated. We are passionate about showing consumers how we grow safe, healthy food for their families, and ours.