Oct 27, 2011  |  Today's News

Consumer research…so many agricultural groups are clamoring to get our arms around the latest consumer research. Why is that important? Well it’s those influential consumers that influence trends in our nation’s food supply, food policy, food regulation, and therefore in agriculture. That’s why the Illinois Corn Marketing Board continues to focus on understanding what’s important to those “influencers” in our state and nation, investing your corn checkoff dollars to understand, educate, and influence.

Here in Illinois, the work of the Illinois Farm Families, funded in part by the Illinois Corn Marketing Board and your corn checkoff dollars, focuses on influential women, primarily in the Chicago area. These women are bright, and they tell other people what they think and believe. Do you know what they think about you?

Nationally, your corn checkoff dollars are invested in the Corn Farmers Coalition. CFC focuses its educational efforts inside the Washington, DC, beltway, hitting the influencers there that bring about change in policy, regulation, and litigation.

This might all sound like a lot of nonsense to you. But the next time you see a sign in the grocery store about a product that is “HFCS free” or hear about a pending lawsuit to limit fall applied anhydrous in Illinois, think back to this update. Maybe then, the value of knowing your consumer customers can really hit home.

Go to the Center for Food Integrity website to find that organization’s most recent research information. You’ll find more information about the Illinois Corn Marketing Board’s consumer research, outreach, and education at www.ilcorn.org.