Oct 10, 2011  |  Today's News

The Illinois Secretary of State's Office has begun sending letters to Illinois CDL holders as part of a two-year process for drivers to declare what kind of a driver they are, or will be. Effective January 30, 2012, certain CDL drivers will have to provide the original copy of their medical exam certificate IN PERSON to one of 47 SOS CDL facilities prior to the issuance, renewal, upgrade or replacement of their CDL. 


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This is the first time the medical card will be linked to the CDL.

Within a two-year period that starts Jan. 30, 2012, all CDL holders will have to visit a CDL driver’s licensing facility in person to declare whether the medical card requirement applies to them.

There are 47 driver’s license facilities in the state that will accommodate this workload.
If a farmer’s CDL expires within that two-year period, he or she may make the required visit at the time the license is renewed. However if the CDL will expire after Jan. 30, 2014, that driver must make a special trip before Jan. 30, 2014.

For more on the CDL and medical card program, go online to the Secretary of State's website.