Oct 03, 2011  |  Today's News

The Illinois State Board of Elections posted an interactive map featuring the newly drawn Congressional, Legislative and Representative district boundaries on the Board’s website. 

These maps depict the district boundaries enacted pursuant to Public Act 97-0014 and Public Act 97-0006 respectively, superimposed upon satellite imagery.

To access the maps, click on this link:  Illinois State Board of Elections  Once on the Board of Elections page, click on the “Interactive GIS Map” link on the left hand side of the page.

As a reminder, these maps do not change the person who is currently your elected official, it indicates the district you will be in for the next election cycle and the next 10 years. 

Now’s the time for you to “make hay” with the elected officials in your “new” district. They’ll be looking to find as many votes as possible, especially in those districts that will be contested within the same party. Get in touch with your new official, introduce yourself, and let your position be known on issues that impact your life and business.


President Obama submitted the Korean, Panamanian and Colombian Free Trade Agreement to the Congress this afternoon.  The agreements were negotiated by the Bush Administration.  The Congress has 90 days to approve the agreements.

The House Rules Committee is meeting at this hour to pass a rule under which – if agreed to – the House will take up Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA).  The vote on the rule could come as soon as tomorrow with a vote on TAA possible before the Congress leaves for Yom Kippur Thursday.  Passage of TAA will be necessary to gather sufficient Democratic votes to pass the FTAs.