Oct 26, 2011  |  Today's News

Although those of us that deal with renewable fuels and ethanol issues on a nearly daily basis know what the yellow gas caps mean, that doesn’t mean everyone else does! Have you seen anyone filling up at a gas station with a yellow gas cap but they’re not at the E85 pump? Have you asked if they know that they can use E85 in their flex fuel vehicle?

There are about 9 million flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) on the road today. For a host of reasons, too many of them may never see a drop of E85 or other higher ethanol blend fuel. But that can stop with you. Here’s a conversation starter you can try out the next time you’re fueling up…

“Ever wonder why your gas cap is yellow or what the FlexFuel badge on your vehicle means?  Great news!  You’re driving one of the 9 million flexible fuel vehicles on the road today and you have consumer power.  Help reduce your addiction to oil, and breathe cleaner air, just by choosing E85 or one of the other blends of ethanol to fuel your car.”