Nov 10, 2011  |  Today's News

Thanks to a new report by CropLife America, we know now that crop protection products add over $7.6 billion to the Illinois economy and $166.5 billion to the nation’s bottom line. But what sort of environmental devastation would we see if the anti-pesticide activists got their way and modern crop protection technologies were banned from the market?

In a new, hard hitting interview on Green State TV, CropLife’s Leonard Gianessi outlines the positive impact that the revolution in crop protection has had on our ecosystem and the dust-bowl level disasters we would be experiencing without them. To view this episode, please click here:

Green State TV is a video format website that’s pro-agriculture, pro-technology and pro-farmer. Green State TV takes on the activists and tells the truth about the importance of modern agriculture to keeping the U.S. competitive and feeding the world. They encourage young people who care about sustainability and the environment to support the critical farm inputs that allow us to grow more with less.

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