Dec 21, 2011  |  Today's News

The Iowa Caucuses are quickly approaching, but the Illinois primary voting day isn’t until March 20. The Illinois Corn Growers Association contributed to a project of the Iowa Corn Growers Association to grade all the candidates on issues important to corn farmers.

For a look at the report card, click this link for the Corn Caucus Project Presidential Report Card.

The Iowa Corn Growers Association released the Corn Caucus Project Presidential Report Card, a reference guide to presidential candidates’ positions on agricultural policies.  

The Corn Caucus Project Presidential Report Card provides information on the eight major candidates’ responses to questions on legislative priorities for corn. Topics on the survey included: ethanol, farm programs, Environmental Protection Agency regulations, trade and transportation.

Based on survey responses submitted by presidential candidates, media and official records, each candidate was scored and graded.  If a candidate failed to complete the survey, the committee used published statements, official records or information from the candidate’s website to complete the voter guide. Answers to the survey and issue tracking are available online at

For media coverage on the presidential race, take a look at both Gannett writer Philip Brasher (“Farmers’ agenda: Keep good times rolling”) and Jeremy Bernfeld of Harvest Public Media (“Republicans on the farm”), who took a closer look at the Republican presidential candidates and agricultural issues.