Jan 31, 2012  |  Today's News

Huffington Post reported yesterday that the U.N. has advised the world to take notice of the rapidly increasing population and the need for more and more food and resources. 

They reported, “Even by 2030, the world will need at least 50 percent more food, 45 percent more energy and 30 percent more water, according to U.N. estimates, at a time when a changing environment is creating new limits to supply.”

I might disagree with the “changing environment” part of the equation, but putting individual feelings on climate change aside, 50 percent more food seems like a huge hurdle.  Still, knowing what I know about U.S. corn farmers, I’m not worried in the slightest.

U.S. corn farmers are among the most productive in the world.  Yields continue to increase exponentially due to biotechnology and genetically modified crops.  We can now grow more corn using less inputs like insecticides, which also means fewer trips across the field and less fuel use.

Apparently the U.N. report urged exactly that.  “They should work with international organisations to create an ‘evergreen revolution’, which would at least double productivity while reducing resource use.”  Corn farmers are doing this and doing it well.  When will their efforts be applauded instead of scorned?

The report also called for and end to fossil fuel subsidies which would encourage renewable fuel growth.  Ethanol, anyone?

Bottom line, corn farmers are doing exactly what they have always intrinsically known they needed to do.  They are increasing yields and decreasing impacts to the environment.  They are allowing American innovation to drive their efficiencies.  And they continue to feed the growing world population.