Mar 16, 2012  |  Today's News

Illinois corn staff, genetically modified, monsantoBloomington, IL, is home to the IL Corn offices. Bloomington was also supposed to be the home of anti-GMO protesters today. But evidently the issue wasn’t enough to motivate people to get out of bed for the planned 7am protest at a well-known technology provider research location.

In fact, we were looking forward to seeing the protesters. What better chance would we have to interact with these people than when they’re right down the street from our office? But, the clock read 7am and no-one was there. Then 7:30, then 7:45, and finally 8:00am. Alas, nary a single protester appeared.

We couldn’t let the opportunity slip by, so IL Corn staff posed for this picture of our impromptu rally in support of consumer choice and the science behind the crop!

Here’s what was protested on Facebook about the planned protest:

“It's surprising how many people don't even know what "GE food" or "GMO" stand for. We aim to Shut Down Monsanto in the long run, not for a few minutes. If you'd like to participate in the actual "protest" described below, feel free to do so, but you will most likely run afoul of the law. Do so at your own risk. Host Jeanette will be educating for the long run, not racking up charges for a few minutes of disruption, and actually most likely not be in attendance on this certain day, due to other obligations that have recently taken precedence.

Let either host know if you want informative materials.

Monsanto conducts commercial, physical and biological research in Bloomington. This facility is helping Monsanto to control and take over the world's food supply and control all of our lives.

If you think that's an extreme statement, think about the best way to control someone - through controlling their food supply. Americans DO NOT have the right to know whether genetically modified plants and organisms are in their food. Transgenic crops pollute and contaminate all other plants: once the genetic material is assimilated, it's not leaving...

Monsanto will be planting 250,000 acres of GE sweet corn this spring. Therefore, the rally in Bloomington will include a table outside one or both WalMarts, with petitions to ask WalMart to join General Mills and Trader Joe's in pledging to not purchase/sell the GE sweet corn. I need volunteers to manage one or both of those sites.”