Apr 03, 2012  |  Today's News

Hundreds of Central Illinois residents participated in the Easter egg hunt at the Normal, IL Corn Crib this past weekend.  That means that hundreds of Illinois residents were also introduced to you, the Illinois corn farmer, while visiting the baseball stadium.

The Illinois Corn Marketing Board’s partnership with the Normal, IL CornBelters is an investment in building relationships with your consumer.  As baseball fans, or in this case children and parents, enter the stadium, they are face to face with local corn farmers who aren’t much different than they are.  This sort of imagery helps the non-farming public identify with corn farmers.  And the rest of the activities in the stadium help them learn more about what you do.

In between playing corn hopscotch (pictured) and measuring themselves against a stalk of corn, visitors to the stadium are also learning what tassels and silks are, how much corn is in a bushel, and more valuable information that helps them understand corn farming at a very basic level. 

For more information on how the Illinois Corn Marketing Board investment is working for Illinois corn farmers every day of the year, “like” the Normal CornBelters on Facebook.  You might also be interested in checking out the photos from this weekend’s Easter egg hunt here.