May 04, 2012  |  Today's News

Illinois’ family corn farmers have entered their third season of involvement with NASCAR, one of this country’s most watched sporting series. In fact, NASCAR counts more than 60 million fans. Those racing fans, according to third-party research, are more likely than any other professional sports fans to support sponsors and encourage their friends and family to support sponsors, as well.

Illinois corn farmers are involved in NASCAR in two very distinct, but coordinated ways.

First, the American Ethanol sponsorship is the only sponsorship like it in the sport. Every car and truck in the Camping World Truck Series, Nationwide Series, and Sprint Cup Series, feature the American Ethanol green circle surrounding the fuel port. Every car and truck races on Sunoco Green E-15, a racing fuel that is 15% ethanol made from U.S. corn. There is no other sponsorship like this in NASCAR.

NASCAR has now driven more than 2 million miles on E-15, proving that the fuel is a high-performance fuel that serves well under the most demanding conditions.

There are two drivers associated specifically with the American Ethanol sponsorship. They are RAB Racing with Brack Maggard’s Kenny Wallace and Richard Childress Racing’s Austin Dillon. Both are drivers in the Nationwide Series.

The second area of work with NASCAR is specifically with Nationwide Series driver Kenny Wallace with the “Family Farmers” sponsorship. Kenny has been advocating for Illinois Family Farmers for three years, starting with our work at the NASCAR race at the Gateway racetrack in October of 2010.

Kenny has been a great spokesperson on a national scale. His audience ranges in the millions with his weekly appearances on the SPEED TV network, MRN, and Sirius Radio. He also has over 100,000 followers on social media. He oftentimes encourages his fans and followers to support family farmers, explains the role you play in the economy, and adds his own personal credibility to your efforts, successes, and struggles.

Watch for Kenny and Austin all year as they work on your behalf, along with the umbrella sponsorship of the American Ethanol. Specifically, Kenny will be your family farmers spokesperson. Look for his on the television, on the NASCAR track, and on a local dirt track near you this summer.

Click here for a downloadable 2012 NASCAR pocket schedule.