Jun 19, 2012  |  Today's News

Farm Bill 2012, farm policy, Illinois cornFarm Bill debate has started. With several amendments up for debate that could change the integrity of the Farm Bill, it is time to contact your Senators to let them know which amendments you support and oppose.

For the full list of 73 amendments that the Senate will consider during negotiations today and tomorrow, click here.

During the next 24 hours (June 19, noon through June 20, noon), it is extremely important that you contact Senator Durbin and Senator Kirk to let them know that you oppose the following amendments:

  • Amendment 2181 - Senator Paul - Oppose - Lowers Adjusted Gross Income limit to $250,000 for safety net payments
  • Amendment 2226 - Senator Toomey - Oppose - Eliminates USDA support for biochemicals
  • Amendment 2289 - Senator Coburn - Oppose - Reduces Market Access Program funding
  • Amendment 2310 - Senator Sanders - Oppose - Allows states to label Genetically Modified foods
  • Amendment 2314 - Senator Lee - Oppose - Repeals CRP and CSP Programs
  • Amendment 2439 - Senator Coburn - Oppose - Limits crop insurance subsidies for AGIs of $750,000 and above

You should also offer your support to the following:

  • Amendment 2437 - Senator Thune - Support - Studies the impact of limiting crop insurance subsidies for AGIs of $750,000 and above before implementation

And remind them that you want a Farm Bill Now!