Jun 15, 2012  |  Today's News

There is enormous potential for hog farmers in Illinois today. 

Trade opportunities have opened up, creating new markets for pork.  In fact, a new export record was set in 2011, with $4.93 billion dollars of pork being sent overseas.  In 2012, we expect pork exports to exceed $5 billion for the first time in history.  And farmers in Illinois are well-poised to take advantage of this opportunity with their tremendous options for exporting goods out of the country.

As a grain farmer looking to expand your operation, investing in hog farming might be just the opportunity for diversifying your farm that you’ve been seeking.  In fact, based on manure utilization and fertilizer prices alone, a farmer with a 2,400 head finisher barn could fertilize 160 acres of corn with a cost savings of $100-200/acre.  That’s enough incentive to at least consider hogs.

And if you’re thinking of bringing a son or daughter back to the farm, hogs could present the perfect opportunity as well.  A 2,400 head finisher could generate a return to labor of around $14,000 a year.  That’s a start to adding another farmer to your family farm.

Contract opportunities exist to help you manage some of the risk of adding a new venture.  Many companies and pork producers are actively looking for contract producers in Illinois.  In addition to those listed on the brochure, Mark Sturtevant in Carroll County is looking for hog spaces and is anxious to connect with farmers in the north-east portion of the state specifically.

Does all this information interest you?  Download our pamphlet, “The Promise of Pork” and read more.  Contact us with questions.  We’d love to help you expand and diversify in a way that makes sense for you, your family, and your farm.