Jul 30, 2012  |  Today's News |  ICGA

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BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— Today, a coalition of national meat and livestock advocacy organizations called on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency administrator Lisa Jackson to initiate a waiver process regarding the amount of corn-based ethanol that is being blended in our nation’s fuel supply.

Illinois Corn Growers Association President Jeff Scates, a family farmer from Shawneetown, IL, released the following statement regarding this development.

“The Illinois Corn Growers Association remains fully supportive of the Renewable Fuels Standard as it has consistently helped this nation become less dependent on foreign sources of petroleum, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and provide a less expensive choice at the pump for cash-strapped Americans.

“ICGA also supports the processes set forth within the Renewable Fuels Standard that provides an emergency safety valve regarding volume requirements. We support that any stakeholders who can provide evidence that the RFS has severely impacted them either in economic or environmental terms should have their concerns fully vetted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

“We understand that this is an incredibly emotional time for farmers everywhere, as a historic drought has the nation in a hot, dry grip. Corn farmers and all users of corn, including livestock farmers, are feeling the pressure of a withering crop.

“ICGA does believe that it is premature to ask EPA Administrator Jackson to waive the ethanol blending provision as harvest in the Corn Belt has yet to begin on a wide scale.”