Aug 02, 2012  |  Today's News

You have an opportunity to weigh in on an issue that will affect your future.  As an Illinois farmer, if you support your right to have options in the marketplace offering higher yields, more flexible crop protection, and access to new technologies, you will want to comment on Monsanto’s petition to deregulate soybeans engineered for tolerance to dicamba.

The USDA is now accepting public comments on the petition and your letter will help determine if the technology is available to you or not in future crop years. 


It is critical for you to weigh in on USDA's review process because:

  • Farmers should have the choice to use safe and valuable new agricultural technologies. 
  • Technologies are needed to keep agricultural productivity on pace to meet demand for food and feed and improved farmer efficiency.
  • Farmers need multiple-mode-of-action weed management tools. Dicamba tolerance would be a valuable addition to today's available soybean weed control options to maximize yield potential. 
  • Dicamba has been used in crops for many years in the U.S. and continues to be effective on major broadleaf weeds. 
  • Roundup Ready® Xtend will be an integral part of Monsanto's Roundup Ready PLUS™ Weed Management Solutions platform, which offers weed management recommendations that are developed in conjunction with leading academics, agronomists and other industry partners for control of tough weeds.     

To help the USDA in their decision making process, submit your letter here.