Sep 21, 2012  |  Today's News

Thank you for your “Calls from the Combine,” asking the Illinois Congressional Delegation to force action on the farm bill. The movement we hoped to see hasn’t happened yet, but continued pressure from constituents is what will, eventually, move the bill forward.

The House did indeed decide to recess today to allow members to return to their districts and campaign. Members will be allowed to sign the discharge petition (forcing the House Ag Committee’s farm bill to the floor) until the end of the year, but with most members back in Illinois, signatures will be harder to acquire.

In fact, Speaker Boehner finally confirmed his intensions yesterday. He indicated that no iteration of the farm bill, not even a temporary extension, will come up for action before the Nov. 6 election. He said there aren't enough votes to pass H.R. 6083, the bill approved by the House Agriculture Committee, or the three-month extension that Ag Chairman Frank Lucas of Oklahoma was whipping last week.

That gives you, the Illinois agricultural community, approximately six weeks to let your Congressman know that he or she must earn your vote. Your elected officials are asking you for your vote; ask them for their vote too. We must get a farm bill passed in the lame duck session of Congress or risk deep cuts to the farm programs that you rely on during times of natural disaster.

Please continue calling your Congressman in their district offices. Tell them how much you need a farm bill and ask for their vote for a farm bill if they want yours in November.

Call the following Congressmen to thank them for their support of the farm bill!

Jerry Costello, (618) 233-8026 in Belleville, IL

Danny Davis, (773) 533-7520 in Chicago, IL 

Tim Johnson, (309) 663-7049 in Bloomington, IL

Dan Lipinski, (312) 886-0481 in Chicago, IL

Call the following Congressman to ask them for a FARM BILL NOW!

Judy Biggert, (630) 655-2052 in Willowbrook, IL

Bob Dold, (847) 272-0404 in Northbrook, IL

Luis Gutierrez, (773) 342-0774 in Chicago, IL

Randy Hultgren, (630) 232-7104 in Geneva, IL

Jesse Jackson, (708) 798-6000 in Homewood, IL

Adam Kinzinger, (815) 729-2308 in Joliet, IL

Don Manzullo, (815) 394-1231 in Rockford, IL

Mike Quigley, (773) 267.5926 in Chicago, IL

Peter Roskam, (630) 893-9670 in Bloomingdale, IL

Bobby Rush, (773) 224-6500 in Chicago, IL

Jan Schakowsky, (847) 328-3409 in Evanston, IL

Bobby Schilling, (309) 757-7630 in Moline, IL

Aaron Schock, (309) 671-7027 in Peoria, IL

John Shimkus, (618) 344-3065 in Collinsville, IL

Joe Walsh, (847) 973-9341 in Fox Lake, IL