Oct 04, 2012  |  Today's News

This week, two major U.S. auto manufacturers have approved the use of E15 in their new vehicles.  Ford and General Motors, Inc now stand behind the use of the higher blend, offering a major victory for the increased use of ethanol.

GM vehicles model years 2012 or newer and Ford vehicles model years 2013 or newer can now use E15, whether or not they are flex fuel vehicles, without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty. 

This huge victory for the ethanol industry opens a door and puts more pressure on other vehicle manufacturers to comply with the same standard, as consumers will decidedly enjoy the savings they receive at the pump using E15 instead of E10.

“The Illinois corn and ethanol industries are encouraged by this announcement.  We congratulate Ford and GM on their leadership.  This announcement signals a move for our nation to higher blends of ethanol for use in all vehicles,” said Jeff Scates, Illinois Corn Growers Association President.

Approving the use of E15 through both regulatory processes and manufacturing guidelines is crucial to the Renewable Fuels Standard’s requirement that refiners blend 36 billion gallons of biofuels into traditional transportation fuel by 2022.  This vote of confidence by Ford and GM also means increased environmental benefits, cost savings and energy independence for American consumers.

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