Oct 02, 2012  |  Today's News

Research shows that non-farmers want to trust farmers, but wish they knew more about what they do and who they are so that they know they CAN trust farmers.  This dichotomy of trusting and yet, not trusting the people behind our industry won’t last long.  Eventually, one school of thought will win out over the other.  Illinois Corn wants to be sure that trustworthiness of farmers triumphs.

Part of what we’re doing to accomplish this goal is to create virtual experiences for non-farmers where they can meet Illinois farmers, see their farms and their families, and understand that farmers aren’t unlike their city peers. 

You might be interested to watch the three latest farmer profile videos.  All three emphasize the family nature of farming because parenting and wanting to care for your family is a universal goal and also one that happens to be a very tightly held value in the farming community.  All discuss how farmers care for their land and want to preserve it for future generations because non-farmers want to trust that farmers care about the environment and they want to understand why.

As a farmer, you might watch these videos with an eye on what you could talk more about that you are already doing.  Because you already ARE the trustworthy people that non-farmers want you to be, you just need to understand how to talk about what you are doing.

As a non-farmer, you might be interested in a virtual introduction to these Illinois farmers.  They really are just like you: concerned about the land, concerned about their family, and wanting to do the very best job they can to feed the world.

Larry Hasheider, Okawville, IL


Justin Durdan, Utica, IL


John Shore, Casey, IL