Becky Finfrock

Jan 09, 2013  |  Today's News

Many organizations, individuals, and interests had pending legislation on the line with the Illinois General Assembly this year. Illinois Corn Growers Associated was working to extend tax credits that currently accrue to E-10 to benefit E-15, while providing opportunities for infrastructure expansion for higher ethanol blends. The bill also would have benefited the state budget, while providing more choices at the pump.

In late 2012, ICGA was somewhat optimistic that the Consumer Fuel Choice for Illinois bill, which would transfer the sales tax incentive from E-10 to E-15 allowing ethanol to grow its market in Illinois, would be heard in the Lame Duck Session in January. We had hoped it would pass both houses and be signed by the Governor.

However and unfortunately, this legislation was lost in the quagmire that is the Illinois General Assembly, not even part of what was discusses. It will now be introduced in the next General Assembly, going through all the regular processes that legislation does.

“While we’re disappointed, we’re not exactly surprised that this legislation was again not considered by the General Assembly,” said Dave Loos, ICGA Director of Research and Business Development. “It was certainly the case with many issues this year, including pension.”

“We are planning a call to action for membership sometime in February to really bring attention to this issue,” Loos added. “Persistence is key. We know this is a good plan.”

We know that this is good legislation, providing a win-win for the state budget and consumers. This bill would provide more than $100 million to the state of Illinois to help address its serious budget problems, including meeting a need for a capital bill to improve infrastructure.

We thank our co-sponsors, Senator John Sullivan and Representative John Bradley, for their attempts to wind this legislation through the lengthy process.