Lindsay Mitchell

Jan 03, 2013  |  Today's News

Today, freshman Senator Mark Kirk was welcomed back to the U.S. Senate after suffering a stroke and struggling through significant hurdles, including a grueling rehab schedule. Illinois welcomes back their second senator and can’t wait to begin the 113 Congress.

For the past year, Senator Kirk’s absence was felt. With key agricultural issues like the Farm Bill and ethanol waiver requests coming up in Washington, Illinois was at a disadvantage in the Senate without a second member.

Still, Illinois Corn now feels like we have two key leaders in the Senate. Senator Durbin, of course, holds an important leadership position, but now Senator Kirk will lead by example. Kirk understands the value of hard work and will remind our state and our nation what it is to defy odds, work hard, and truly value the time we have to build a great nation.

“While Senator Kirk was recovering, we felt a hole in our Illinois Delegation. Certainly his staff did a great job covering issues and helping him remain updated on what was occurring in Washington, DC, but now we look forward to excellent leadership for our state by Kirk himself,” said Paul Taylor, President of the Illinois Corn Growers Association. “Our hope is that Senator Kirk would focus on a few key priorities during this session of Congress, one of which is to simply work together to accomplish meaningful, positive action for the citizens of Illinois and the U.S.”

Illinois Corn congratulates Senator Kirk on his return to Washington, DC, on his triumph over the steps of the Capitol Building, and on a year of hard work and dedication to get back in Washington to serve the people of Illinois.