Tricia Braid

Jan 21, 2013  |  Today's News

A quick check of facebook today led me to a post of a high-school classmate of mine. She’s interested in making healthy choices for her growing family of 2 young boys with one on the way. She came across another anti-GMO report, posted it to facebook, along with a promise to buy only organic, non-processed foods. Her post included a picture of an organic jarred spaghetti sauce. Uh-uh-uh, not so fast, I commented, organic does not equal unprocessed.

We’ll keep my friend’s name out of this because I love her dearly and this isn’t really about her. BUT, it is about being aware of how consumers are making their choices. In this case, the word “organic” on a label swayed my friend to make the choice. I googled up the Eden Organic Spaghetti Sauce label, and guess what I found? It’s not a USDA certified product. It’s a product of Canada, distributed by a Michigan Company.

These words are on the label:

©2010 Eden Foods, Inc., Clinton, Michigan 49236

OCIA Certified Organic Product of Canada

So, it must be certified by the government of Canada, eh? Nope, not that, either. The OCIA is an industry organization offering organic certification. That’s not a problem, necessarily, but it’s not exactly what the well-meaning, but un-knowing consumer expects.

Are you ready to clear up this type of misconception? Are you ready to have the conversation in a positive manner, listening first, understanding the other person’s position, and offering another set of facts for them to consider in their decision making process? Are you listening and then speaking through a filter of “I care about this person’s needs and fears?”

Check out more of this type of thing on the IL Farm Families facebook page. If you’d like to know more about the recommended communication style, shoot me an email at tbraid@ilcorn.org or call the Illinois corn checkoff office at 309-827-0912 and ask for Tricia.

Here’s a look at what our facebook conversation looked like.