Lindsay Mitchell

Mar 14, 2013  |  Today's News

ICGA VP Gary Hudson talks strategy on E-15 legislation with NASCAR driver Kenny WallaceIllinois corn farmers, joined by other agricultural professionals and farmers from all over the state, stormed Springfield, IL today to bring their priority issues in front of the General Assembly.

Priority for Illinois Corn was legislation to transfer the state sales tax incentive from E10 to E15 while also cutting the incentive in half and returning money to Illinois state coffers. NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace participated in the day as well to bring some relevance to the event, as he has been driving on E15 for the last two years.

“When a large group of people show up in Springfield to make their voices heard in a collective, coalition fashion, the General Assembly has no choice but to notice,” said Gary Hudson, Vice President, ICGA. “Today, we hope that at the very least, we reminded our elected officials that the economic backbone of our state is agriculture and that we deserve to be heard and have our concerns addressed.”

Other issues discussed during the legislative day were continuing the agricultural input state sales tax exemption, some new proposed property tax laws, and a need for the state to look more kindly on livestock growth within our borders.

In all, approximately 250 farmers and ag professionals and an additional 250 FFA students participated in the day visiting nearly every state senator and representative that represent Illinois citizens.