Lindsay Mitchell

Apr 02, 2013  |  Today's News

Spring is here. Though the weather may not exactly be cooperating, farmers are turning their minds to the field: to getting tractors out, to servicing implements, to considering planting decisions and preparing the earth. All this field work means it’s time to think of another important aspect of spring planting, farm safety.

Farming is a dangerous job and many farmers are killed or severely injured in the course of putting in a crop, harvesting it, and storing it for sale. The following is an NPR story about one of the hazards of agriculture: grain bin entrapment.

Within the interview, Jeff Adkisson, Grain and Feed Association of Illinois, states, “I think we have increased the safety awareness and I think we are doing a better job. Have tragic incidences still happened? Yes. Are we working to reduce them even further? Absolutely.”

Illinois Corn, as well as the Grain and Feed Association of Illinois, are a part of the Grain Handling Safety Coalition, which has developed a curriculum and is training community leaders how to manage the hazards and risks associated with handling grain. Illinois Corn has also provided videos to rural fire departments in Illinois, training them on how to remove an individual who is entrapped in a grain bin.

Illinois Corn has also provided farmer training related to fertilizer applications and how to safely use anhydrous ammonia tanks and other farm equipment at the new ASMARK Institute located directly behind the IL Corn home office.

The agricultural industry is interested in farm safety and tries to provide opportunities for businesses and individuals to understand the risks on the farm. If you are interested in an opportunity to learn how you can be safer on your farm, please call us for upcoming opportunities.

Please have a safe and successful spring planting season.