Tricia Braid

May 28, 2013  |  Today's News

It’s possible we may still see action on the Illinois Corn Growers Association’s legislation titled, “Consumer Fuel Choice for Illinois” before the end of the spring session of the Illinois General Assembly. This bill would clear the way to bring E-15 to a gasoline retailer near you, leveling the playing field with other fuels. 

ICGA President Paul Taylor sent a letter to members of the Illinois General Assembly today in another effort to keep the Consumer Fuel Choice effort at the top of their minds. In his letter, Taylor writes:

“Ethanol fuel is averaging 60 to 80 cents per gallon cheaper than the wholesale price of gasoline. E-15 has been approved by USEPA for sale in the U.S. This new fuel approved for all 2001 and newer passenger vehicles and flexible fuel vehicles will bring the price of gasoline down for the consumer.

The existing sales tax exemption for E-10 has been a public policy success. The evidence clearly illustrates that there is greater than a 90% saturation of the fuel market with E-10 blends. When the existing bill was crafted, it was very much an incentive program, and retailers responded. Since we are near full saturation of E-10 blending, the sales tax exemption has become an entitlement to the retailers.”

Additional signors to the letter include Ray Defenbaugh, President of the Illinois Renewable Fuels Association and Glen Poshard, President of Southern Illinois University.