Tricia Braid

May 01, 2013  |  Today's News

Do you know your Congressional representatives? More importantly, do they know you? Building a personal relationship with your elected officials and their staff is vital work to do BEFORE an issue hits. Maintaining those relationships is key. Illinois Corn Growers Association works on your behalf as an organization, but you as an individual member are important! 

We're hearing from Washington, DC, and from Springfield that quality contacts from constituents go a long way. It's even more impactful when you make that contact and the person on the other end of the conversation recognizes you. As with good communication in any circumstance, the good communication first relies on a relationship.

The first thing you might try is to schedule a meeting with your official's district office. Make it a "getting to know you" type appointment on the first meeting, rather than just a demand for action. Build that relationship, become known, and offer your expertise on issues.

If you're interested in becoming more politically active at the state or national level, please reach out to the Illinois Corn Growers Association office so that we can support you in your efforts.