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Jun 05, 2013  |  ICMB


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BLOOMINGTON, Ill.—Gas prices have risen to over $4.00 per gallon in many areas of the Midwest, including Illinois. Reports are that the reason is related to refinery problems. Petroleum associations, along with the AAA, are failing to mention that one way to circumvent these painful prices is to choose E-85 at the pump.

Today in Bloomington-Normal, E-85 is posted at $2.99, a full $1.10 cheaper per gallon than regular unleaded gasoline. Photos are available for download from our website. These photos were taken at 7:42am at the Qik-n-EZ location on North Main St in Normal.

  Qik-n-EZ E-85 price on June 5 (top photo)  

Qik-n-EZ regular unleaded and mid-grade unleaded price on June 5 (bottom photo)

E-85 is an approved fuel choice for any flex-fuel vehicle. Since 2012, 50% of all vehicles manufactured by Ford, GM, and Chrysler were flex-fuel compatible. Flex-fuel vehicles may have a “badge” denoting them as such on the rear of the vehicle. They may also have a yellow-fuel cap that alerts the owner to its compatibility with E-85.

A list of flex-fuel vehicle models is available from the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest at http://www.cleanairchoice.org/fuels/FFVPoster.pdf.

A list of stations offering E-85 or other fuels appropriate for flex-fuel vehicles is available from the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest at http://www.cleanairchoice.org/E85StationList.asp?state=IL.

Experts are available for interviews on this subject. Please contact Tricia Braid, Communications Director at the Illinois Corn Marketing Board to schedule an interview or for more information. Tricia can be reached via telephone at 309-827-0912, email tbraid@ilcorn.org, or via text/cell call at 309-830-3393.