Tricia Braid

Jun 25, 2013  |  Today's News

Illinois Corn Growers Association is pleased to share that the U.S. Supreme Court had rejected the interests of Big Oil by refusing to hear a lawsuit regarding E-15. IL Corn has worked steadily, submitting comments to U.S. EPA regarding the appropriateness of E-15 as a fuel.

Trade groups for food producers, the oil and gas sector and the auto industry all sued to contest a pair of EPA decisions that allowed the sale of gasoline blends containing 15% ethanol. The decision by the court effectively kills the legal challenges to E15.

The Supreme Court rejected the groups’ efforts to block sales of E15 by declining to review a lower court ruling upholding EPA's approval of E15. The Supreme Court, in a short written order on Monday, let that ruling stand, rejecting the challengers' appeals without comment.

Justices effectively left in place the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit's approval of the agency's 2010 decision under the Clean Air Act, the first time the agency had granted such a waiver for fuel. The court's decision confirms that the gas blend can be sold at gas stations nationwide, giving individual businesses and consumers the choice of whether to use it.

The Supreme Court also declined to take up cases involving the 2000 energy crisis (natural gas trading), lawsuits brought against the government following Hurricane Katrina and the efforts of a coal miner's widow to obtain survivor benefits.

This is another hurdle that has been overcome, helping to clear the way for E-15 to find its way into a pump near you. Remember, for every gallon of E-15 sold, there is 50% more corn needed than for a gallon of E-10.