Tricia Braid

Jul 16, 2013  |  Today's News

It’s all over the news…gas prices are on the rise again. As the spread widens between the price of oil and the price of ethanol, E-85 makes more sense than ever. Are you driving a flex-fuel vehicle? Are you filling up with E-85 or another higher ethanol blend?

There are an estimated 15 million flex-fuel vehicles on the road today. Are you driving one of them? Check your vehicle for what’s called a ‘flex-fuel badge’ to know if you can use E-85 or other blends above E-10. There may also be a notice inside your gas tank door, or the gas cap itself may be yellow.

Once again, the price spread between regular gasoline and E-85 is quite attractive. You grow it. You use it. Ethanol is a homegrown, local fuel that is derived from corn fields around Illinois. Every time you put an ethanol blend in your tank, you’re supporting corn markets and strengthening demand for Illinois’ number 1 crop.

The next time you drive out to scout this year’s corn crop, consider fueling up with E-85 if it’s appropriate for your vehicle. Supporting your crop starts at home on the farm with your own vehicles.