Lindsay Mitchell

Jul 19, 2013  |  Today's News

Each year, the Illinois Corn Marketing Board commits a significant amount of funding to livestock promotions, including more than $300,000 to livestock exports through the U.S. Meat Export Federation and the U.S.A. Poultry and Egg Export Council.  ICMB also works with local Illinois livestock producers to help them through the permitting process when they make plans to site a new livestock facility or expand their current facility.

Using a grant from ICMB, livestock producers with less than 300 animal units can receive funds to help with the engineering plans required by the Illinois Department of Agriculture under the Livestock Management Facilities Act.  Because these farmers are working with fewer animal units, the cost of securing an engineering plan is significantly higher per animal and can be a detriment to expanding a small farm.

Recently, the Richter brothers of Sandoval, IL used the grant.  They chose to expand their cattle herd to diversity their farm and allow Brad Richter to make livestock farming his full time job.  In the future, they hope to continue growing the farm so that Craig Richter can also farm full time.

Both Brad and Craig have young families and look forward to building a livestock farm that would allow their children to keep farming if they choose.

Expanding their livestock farm means a new commodity shed and feed storage area that helps them market uniform loads of cattle to the packer.  They have also been able to increase feed efficiency and improve cattle performance and comfort with the addition of the new barn and commodity shed.

This particular grant is administered through the Illinois Livestock Development Group.  If you are interested in expanding your livestock farm or siting a new small facility to bring a son or daughter back to the farm, inquire about your eligibility for the ICMB grant through Nic Anderson, ILDG Business Developer.