Tricia Braid

Jul 18, 2013  |  Today's News

Are you finding yourself more and more often answering questions about GMOs? Are you able to answer the questions effectively? There are common themes to the complaints and criticisms of GMO crops. Here at IL Corn we’re keeping an eye on this and many other issues. Our work with Illinois Farm Families is one example of how corn farmers are coming together to enhance the conversation on GMOs. 

The controversy surrounding GMOs may seem like it’s happening a long way from your farm, but the fact is that the controversy make likely hit home at the farm by way of increased regulations and restricted choice on your end of things. Learning about the objections and overcoming them is one way to head-off a European Union-style approach to regulating GMOs.

There are a couple things you can do to prepare yourself for these conversations.

For one, visit to read the blogs and watch the videos on this issue. They’ll give you a great baseline of where to start.

Secondly, take a look at 10 Reasoned Responses to 10 Reasons Why We Don't Need GMOs posted on Real website. This article frames some excellent responses to the most commonly heard complaints about GMOs. Remember, your strategy should NOT include a defensive tone, but rather be conversational in nature.

Third, consider volunteering through the Illinois Farm Families program by completing the online form at Indicate you’re affiliation with the Illinois Corn Marketing Board. You’ll receive communications training through this program that will be valuable on this and other issues.

Fourth, keep an eye on the website to stay on top of this and other issues. We post fact sheets and other resources that you can use. You might also visit the Corn Corps Blog to stay in the loop, as well as follow the IL Corn social media channels on twitter, facebook, and pinterest.