Tricia Braid

Aug 29, 2013  |  Today's News

In an effort to prepare Illinois for future success, representatives of Illinois food and agriculture organizations launched the Vision for Illinois Agriculture.  This industry-wide effort is aimed at increasing the competitiveness of Illinois in the global marketplace. Illinois Corn has been part of this process since the beginning.


The Vision for Illinois Agriculture (VIA) is now marking five years in its effort to be a global leader of profitable food and agricultural production.  In light of that, the VIA plans to host an Illinois Food and Agriculture Summit to discuss how a statewide (including urban, suburban, and rural interests) plan for agriculture, that involves business, government and academia, can benefit the economy of the entire state.


Join fellow Illinois leaders in the food and agriculture industry, business community, academia, government and various trade associations to discuss the role Illinois’ largest industry can play in being a catalyst for job creation here in our state.  We invite you to provide input to establish a statewide plan for agriculture.  Please consider joining us on October 21 at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  For more information and registration, go to